Hey, honestly, me, myself?  I’m not all that interesting.  Zentangle?  That’s fascinating.  But, if you wanted to know about Zentangle  itself, you’d’ve clicked the About Zentangle tab, huh?

Ok, the bare facts… I am:

  • Kelley Kelly (yep, really, truly that is my name) a/k/a K2 or kelleysquared (for, um, obvious reasons ;-)   )
  • more type-A, girthful, and middle-aged than I’d like to think
  • not nearly as funny as I think I am
  • married to a great guy
  • mother to 3 very adorable and entirely too intelligent children who drive me absolutely batty
  • a graduate of Smith College (with a degree in music)
  • someone who was crazy enough to try art school for grad work (fine art photography)
  • a lifelong church singer who is, oddly enough, not singing in a church right now.
  • a pilot (private and oh-so-out-of-date)
  • so completely, utterly, and totally in love with Zentangle that I went off to visit Rick and Maria and got trained as a Certified Zentangle Teacher!!

So, come on – let’s play! 

P.S.  Ok, the more boring stuff in case you’re interested:
Solo shows:
Starbucks, Newington, CT September 2012
Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Newington, CT December 2012-January 2013

Group show:
The Art of Zentangle, University of St. Joseph, West Hartford, CT, April 2013

Publication credits:
Contributing artist:  The Beauty of Zentangle, Suzanne MacNeill and Cindy Shephard, Design Originals, 2013
Contributing artist:  Made in the Shade, Cris Letourneau, 2012

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