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The gray grumblies are chasing me today.  Man, it’s been a gray winter, hasn’t it?   Sigh.  I’m feeling it too.  I’m craving color pretty badly at this point.  Yesterday, that bright blue sky?  Oh, wow.  I wanted to roll around in it, I swear.  Bring on the tulips, daffodils, and crocuses, the snowdrops, hyacinths, and forsythia!

And, shameless plug, my Adding Zing to your Zen workshop – COLOR!!  Yay!! – April 6th.  Only 3 spots left for this all day adventure – you can check it out here!  I may have to miss Tangle U (grump!!) but I’m going to use that time to play with all my color, including my new Twinkle H2Os!, in preparation for that.  In the meantime, just keep swimmin’, right?

In other news, the new class schedule for spring is now up -check out the upcoming events page for that.

Also, you should check out IWOM’s latest tangling projects on her A Year Without Craft Supplies blog here.  Very cool.  For those who don’t know, IWOM is one of my best college friends and tremendously talented in a vast array of arenas.  (If you sew, you  should check out her Fabric Leftovers book on Amazon!)

Ok, there’s not much else going on but drear so I’ll sign off for now and go tangle.  It’ll be a nice bright spot in today’s gray!  And maybe (maaaaybe) keep me from finishing off the thin mints in the freezer.




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