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Hello there!  I’ll write an About Me page in a day or two but, for now, let me say my name is Kelley Kelly (yes, it really is my name :-) ), I’m a newly minted Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT9), and am beyond delighted to share this method of relaxation, focus, and beautiful creation with the world!

I started the practice of Zentangle at a time in my life when stressors (2 cases of cancer in my family, 3 small children, extreme professional challenges) seemed to be taking me over.  I swear, I think my stomach acid was trying to eat me from the inside out!  How Zentangle helped.  Oh, how it helped.  You’ll notice that I said I started the “practice” of Zentangle.  Yes, like yoga or meditation (both of which are an apt comparison), Zentangle is a practice.  Being a tremendously Type-A person, very little can calm me as this does.  And it’s less caloric than booze or chocolate!

I’ll be listing workshops I’m giving (um, as soon as I figure that part out) and will be offering the Zentangle products (if you’re a paper fanatic, as I am, you neeeed the official tiles, let me tell you!) (um, as soon as I figure that out) as well as showing examples of my own work, demonstrations of various tangle patterns.  You can find a handy link to subscribe to this blog at the upper right.  So, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Zentangle Inspired

Including creating art that soothes and focuses the mind as you build it, stroke by stroke.


  1. 6-2-2016

    Hi Kelley, I would like to subscribe to your blog as I greatly admire your art:) however as an old fart I don’t seem to be able to see where to fill in my e-mail but here?
    Have a good evening

    • 6-2-2016

      Hi Hilary! It’s not you – my site went funky about a year ago and it lost my subscription widget and I can’t figure out how to get it back in!!

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