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Some patterns appear, full grown, from an inspiring pattern in life. Others, like this one, spring from mashups of other tangles. So, what happens if you mashup Twing and Cuke?


I hope you like it!



  1. 12-31-2013

    I love this innovation! And, your personal touch is greatly admired!

  2. 3-17-2014

    I enjoyed your skilled pentangles

  3. 3-17-2014

    I enjoyed your skilled pentangles.

  4. 5-6-2016

    I love this one and wish you would re-post it in a brighter format…it’s very hard to see.
    A little larger would be good too.

    • 6-2-2016

      Hi Ginny! My scanner was acting up so I took the pic with my phone. Sorry! One of these days I’ll get q new pic up instead!

    • 7-21-2017

      I agree! I have vision difficulties and I see a lot of dark and small step outs. I can’t draw what I can’t see. But I do love this pattern!

  5. 6-1-2016

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. 6-1-2016

    Really lovely and elegant tangle. Smart ribbon/border too. Thanks!

  7. 6-2-2016

    I love your new tangle. It’s a shame the step-out pictures weren’t a bit clearer or larger, though. I know this will probably be a favourite of mine once I learn how to do it, because it has all the things I love in a tangle. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    • 6-2-2016

      I think my scanner was on the fritz the day I did the images for this. One of these days, I’ll get a new one up!

  8. 6-6-2016

    So cute ! I like it very much ! Thank you for sharing !

  9. 6-12-2016

    Lovely! A little too dark but I think I can work with it. Any chance you’ll resubmit with a lighter version?


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