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So, my artsy little heart did a happy dance this evening even though my kids were still rampaging around energetically awake upstairs instead of sleeping.  I’d come down from putting the little monsters darlings to bed and there, on my doorstep, was a package.  I love packages.  Even if it’s only a free sample of some product (hey, I got a really cool keychain flashlight yesterday!) or those cheesy inkjet printed return labels that you get multitudes of when you once donated to a charity a zillion moons ago.

This wasn’t a free sample of some unusable product, this wasn’t cheesy inkjet printed labels.  This, this was Cris Letourneau (CZT!)’s new book on shading for Zentangle… Made in the Shade.   I am so flippin’ excited, I’m vibrating almost as fast as the albuterol-hyper 4 year old upstairs.

This is the book we have been waiting for.  We who?  Well, all those of us that sometimes struggle with shading or are concerned about it.  Not only does Cris explain the differences in shading that our eyes and brains understand instinctively but she shows us how to make our fingers understand it too.  From the varieties in pencils, shading devices, styles, and so on, she has exercise after exercise in this workbook to help us all learn to shade more effectively.

Her writing is clear and direct, accessible to even “non-art” people, and friendly without being condescending.  The book is well-edited and has an entire playground of tangles and tiles to shade – including a new tangle by yours truly!  If you want to be comfortable with your shading, this book will take you there.

I am so excited by the chance to have been a (very small) part of this phenomenal project and to have this resource both for myself and for my students.

I will be carrying these in person for my students but won’t be offering them online so as not to compete with Cris!  You can order them directly here:





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  1. 1-29-2013

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review. I’m really glad you like the book. And I LOVE your writing style.


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