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YAY!  I just sent the last of the calendar files off to the printer and they’ll be available on Wednesday afternoon.  So excited!!

You’ve seen all the artwork… wouldn’t you like one for your desk and one for your boss’s desk and one for the guy in the next cube’s desk and one for the teacher’s desk and Aunt Mabel and… Ok, maybe not. But I sure hope so! 😉

If you know victims beloved gift recipients who you can’t think of anything else to give would enjoy that desktop dose of  zen, you can order them here:  Only $15 each (1-4) and only $12.50 each when you buy 5 or more!

K2, The Excited and Relieved

P.S.  The pictures at the calendar page are last year’s calendar.  The layout is the same but the art (and the dates, luckily!) will be new!

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