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I’ve mentioned before that my kids tangle.  One of the things they really enjoy about tangling is having their “doodle boxes“… their own kits for tangling.  (I’ve noticed that my kids really like little boxes  for things… I’ve given up trying to understand it because I’ve been trying to understand that urge in myself for the last 45 years and haven’t gotten anywhere!)

At any rate, I’ve had more than one suggestion that I make tangle kits for other kids.  Well, the girls’ boxes (Matthew’s just too young yet) were enough work that I really had little desire to try to replicate them on a larger scale so I put it aside for a while.  But then a friend posted about these great plain white boxes she found and was tangling… and that, as they say, was that!

So, without any further ado, let’s give a warm welcome to my Junior Tangle Kit!

All the basics to get started tangling: 20 Apprentice tiles, Sakura pen (with a sturdier tip than the Micron but same great ink), 2 pencils, tortillion, pencil sharpener, and a basics “booklet”!

Sturdy white cigar-style box perfect for tangling!

If you know a member of the younger set who might benefit from or enjoy tangling (it’s wonderful for eye-hand and fine motor coordination, helps with focus, creativity, and stress reduction for kids as well!), this could well be the perfect present – check it out HERE!

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, please come and visit me at the St. Mary School Christmas Craft Fair this Sunday from 9-3 in the St. Mary School gym on Willard Avenue in Newington right next to St. Mary Church, very near the intersection with Cedar Street!  I’d love the company!


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