Let me admit upfront that, despite all the tangling I do, I do not have the patience to go through and list all the Zentangle terms I can find but I will list them as I think about them!

ATC – artist trading card

String – the light pencil line that divides a Zentangle tile into tangle-able sections (you can read a little more about strings here)

Tangle, v. – to practice Zentangle or create ZIAs
Tangle, n. – a completed tile

Tile – the 3.5 square piece of gorgeous Italian paper we tangle on.  It’s called a tile since they can be combined in mosaics.

Zendala – a round Tangle.

Zentangle, adj., abstract n. – see About Zentangle
Zentangle, n. – a completed tile that conforms to the traditional “rules”: black and white (with or without gray shading), 3.5 square, freely drawn without rulers or erasers, non-representational, etc.

ZIA – Zentangle-inspired art – Art based on Zentangle patterns  and methods that deviates from the Zentangle standards for one or more reasons (color, representational, end is the means, not the traditional size or shape, etc.)