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Are you thoroughly confused now? 😉   Hee hee!

So, before I forget (like I could forget!), I’m headed to the Pacific Northwest and get to (a) see two of my best friends and (b) teach – what could be better?

  • Wednesday, August 7th, 6:30-9:30 p.m., Introduction to Zentangle, in Woodinville, WA (Seattle area)
  • Thursday, August 8th, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m., Introduction to Zentangle, in Portland, OR
    Both are $40 at the door and include materials (and munchies) BUT you can save $5 by registering and paying ahead of time!!  Email me at to register!

Also, before I forget, there are only 3 spots open in the Tangling in the Round Workshop!

  • Sunday, July 28th, 10-4, at my Newington, CT studio
    Bring your own lunch but I’ll have snacks here as we explore the differences of tangling Zendalas – from the actual tangling to various methods of creating strings for a round format, we’ll look at it all.
    $60 includes materials – preregistration is required for this one by emailing me at

Ok, so on to the blog post now that the announcements are done. I got to go to Upstate NY this weekend – I visited my folks in Syracuse but my main reason for going to was to share Zentangle with one of my oldest friends and her youngest sister.  Nora is a published author and youth minister (check out her book for kids headed off to college here) and I’ve been friends with her since we were Brownies together forever ago.   Monica, her youngest sister, I probably would never have really known given that she’s 7-8 years younger but for Facebook.  (Aside: Facebook gets a bad rap for “destroying socialization” but all those extroverts decrying it never stop to think that some of us just wouldn’t socialize at all if it weren’t for Facebook.  I have to say that I never had a social life until my online life started burgeoning.  My best friend?  I never would have met her except for the internet.  We were good friends for 10 years before I ever met her.)

At any rate, I met up with Monica and Nora and we tangled like mad for 3 hours at a Starbucks outside of Rochester and chatted and laughed and tangled some more.  I don’t really have a point here, I suppose, except that I am very blest to have friends around me – new and old – who “get” me and are enthusiastic about similar things.  It was an awesome trip and I finally finished shading my first white-on-black Zendala!

White Gelly Roll pen on black Zendala tile, highlighted with a white Prismacolor pencil

I hope you’re all well and tangling away!  Drop a comment or send me something to post, ok??  Feelin’ lonely here!


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