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So, I was cruising around Pinterest when I was lying in bed the other night (because, honestly, doesn’t everyone like to go to sleep with a zillion crafty ideas they’ll never actually do floating around in their heads?) and came across a quilting pattern posted by a fellow CZT (Donna Hornsby, to be precise, because that’s the kind of instigator she is 😉  ) with the challenge: “How would you turn this into a tangle?”

Here’s the original pattern.  This is designed by The Quilters’ Niche (click the picture or their name to go to their website – lots of wonderful, downloadable quilting patterns for machine quilting!):

quilting pattern by quilters niche

So, while I like this just as it is, I found that, for me, it was a little too regulated (wonderful for quilting, not so good for Miss Unsteady Hands here to draw) and it shifted as I tried different variations.  In the end, here’s what I wound up with.  It’s rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

stepout for Meringue tangle patternSo how do you combine the “wings”?  Totally up to you.  I did mine at random because that’s what worked for me!

Let’s see what you can do with it!



  1. 7-15-2014

    Love it Kelley!

  2. 7-31-2014

    Glad your site is back up so people can see Meringue.

  3. 8-1-2014

    Lovely tangle – mesmerising to draw, and I’ve just used it quite well in a black tile which is always a feat for me! Thanks for sharing.

    • 8-1-2014

      Oooh, I’d love to see the black tile if you’ve got it posted anywhere!

  4. 8-1-2014

    It reminds me of irises and I’m looking forward to trying it out

  5. 8-1-2014

    This is lovely Kelley. It really does look like meringue tips; makes me want a slice of lemon meringue pie! And I always like another way to use Tipple.

    • 8-4-2014

      Thanks, Margaret! (Sadly, I keep hoping for a lemon meringue pie to show up on my doorstep… none yet.)

  6. 8-1-2014

    Love it! Congrats!

  7. 8-2-2014

    I love this one- so many possibilites. Thank you

  8. 9-13-2014

    This pattern reached out to me. it reminds me of the wings of birds. Going to spend my afternoon playing with this one!


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