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So, at the college I went to (Smith College), one beautiful day each fall, the president of the college calls a spontaneous day off by ringing the bells at College Hall at 7 in the morning. No classes and freedom to enjoy the fall weather! There is always much speculation as to when it will be (and much prayer that it will get students out of the dreaded Art 100 mid-term).

New England in the the fall is gorgeous. It’s my favorite time of year and it was a very hard adjustment when I grew up (ok, who am I kidding? I’m still not grown up so let’s say ‘graduated and went on to full time work’.) to living without Mountain Day, particularly because I was then back living in Northampton and could hear the bells happily as I slogged through getting ready for work.

Even today, 24 years after I was graduated, when I got the email with the message from Smith’s new president/the Alumnae Association that today was Mountain Day, I resolved once more that someday, someday, I am going to take up the Mountain Day tradition in my post-collegiate life. But, for today, there are lunches to make, school conferences to be attended and work-work to be accomplished.

Instead, as I sat in the yard watching the kids play under the crystalline blue sky and sunshine of melted gold, a hint of crispness brushing each of us as the hint of warm fall color brushed the trees, I made this instead:




  1. 9-26-2013

    Kelly, I absolutely love this. It’s so beautiful!! Your Mooka and your shading are amazing.

    • 9-27-2013

      Thank you so much, Kathy!

  2. 9-27-2013

    Like MMD would have scheduled it for that day!

    Mind, half of us would have been elated, but the other half….

    • 9-27-2013

      This is probably the first year they had any shot of it what with the president being brand new! 😉

  3. 9-27-2013

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. 9-27-2013

    Beautiful work. I have not been able to look at any of the submissions, let alone complete one, but is this yours for the Diva Challenge? Really like the Stippling along with the shading.

    • 9-27-2013

      Thanks! Stippling has always intimidated me but I’m trying to break out of that box. To be honest, I’ve been so frantically busy with this darn ankle (everything is taking 2x as long to do) that I haven’t even had a chance to look at Laura’s challenges lately. I wonder if it would still count if I did it without know it!

  5. 9-27-2013

    Your post is as lovely as the tile you made, Kelley. Mountain Day is a wonderful tradition and one we should all observe 🙂

    • 10-2-2013

      Thanks, Melissa! I agree: we should all celebrate Mountain Day!

  6. 9-30-2013

    This is just lovely – – I especially appreciate the “transparency” of the Knightsbridge border, and how the upper left outer border appears to fold in – very three-dimensional. I am inspired.

  7. 10-1-2013

    I simply love the idea of a mountain day. I’ve been calling them mental health days for some time, but maybe it’s time to change the title. I too think your tile is exquisite, thanks for sharing

  8. 10-2-2013

    Fantastic! (May I please include this in my new book?)

    • 10-2-2013

      Thanks, Cris! Of course!

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