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Ok, maybe I’m having a midlife crisis, or maybe it’s just that I think life in the static leads to becoming old early — an aside on that:  I firmly believe that, while we have no choice over aging physically and becoming elderly eventually God willing, we are fully in control over whether we get old — at any rate, my word for the new year is “stretch”.   I’ve been thinking lately how easy it is to fall into those ruts and, sooner or later, the ruts in the mud solidify into stone making escaping  then that much more difficult.  So, the word is stretch.  Both physically (dear heavens, when did I get so creaky??) and mentally.  To take on things that might have scared me before even if they still scare me.  To avoid letting my fear get the best of me.

One of the ways I want to stretch is to try art journaling this year.  To that end, I’ve created a journal to work in.  (Ok, so *I* didn’t create it really but I did tangle it.)  I figured why settle for a book that anyone might use if the goal is to get up close and personal with my artistic challenges.

So, here it is, all finished and slipcovered!


A closer look at the other side:


And at the whole thing unfolded:


So, now I have to journal.  🙂  Right?  I can do this.  Um… 😉


P.S.  February 1st, I’m offering a workshop on tangling these books.  You can register here!


  1. 1-12-2014

    That is absolutely, incredibly amazing!!! You have such an amazing talent Kelley!!

  2. 1-12-2014

    Wow, beautiful!

  3. 1-12-2014

    What a glorious start to your art journal! I’d love to know your source for the white journal and cover, as well as what pen you used, if you feel like sharing. But more than that, I am thankful you shared this stunning design. Kudos! And best wishes on your journaling journey.

  4. 1-13-2014

    These are so beautiful. Stretch is a wonderful word for the year.

  5. 1-13-2014

    Kelley, I love your unique name. Is Kelly your married name? Love your journal. Your tangles are so beautiful. How long did it take you to do the cover? Did you get the journal with more pages? About how many pages are in the journal. The website is not very clear, but I got the impression the pages are blank and you put the lines underneath the page to be able to write in straight lines. I must order! Oh, thought you might want to know that in your glossary, Zentangle, n.. says, “drawn freely “with rulers or erasers”. Your website is great. Being from
    CZT 13, I want to set up a website at some time in the future and love seeing what others have done. Good luck on your 2014 journaling.

    • 1-13-2014

      Hi Ginny! Welcome to the CZT world! Ok, one at a time… 🙂 …. yes, Kelly is my married name. 2) Thank you!! 3) Good question, I did it over the course of about a week but in bits and pieces when I had a few minutes. My guess would be about 6-8 hours of tangling and 2-3 shading? Maybe a little more. 4) I did get the journal with the extra pages and, yes, the pages are blank. If you get the set with the cover, they include a line guide. 5) Let me count…. 46 sheets / 92 pages. 🙂 6) Thanks for letting me know about the typo – I must go fix that!! – Thanks so much and glad you like it! – k2

  6. 1-13-2014

    We used bare books with homeschool and loved them!

    • 1-15-2014

      They seem really well made. I’m impressed so far though I’m going to be gluing two pages together as I move forward with the journaling, I think. There’s a little bit of soak through with markers.

  7. 1-13-2014

    This is very inspiring, Kelly. Your lines are all so crisp and exact, and I am so impressed that you managed to stay consistent over the binding…well done!

    • 1-15-2014

      LOL! Oh, it’s so not even but the good thing about the binding is that you can’t really see all the sides at once and it’s “close enough”! I’m so glad you like it though!!

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