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I’ve been playing with the new Zentangle Opus tiles. These are 10.5″ squares of Fabriano Tiepolo paper (same as the other cream colored tiles) and, oh, what fun! I’ve treated them just as I would a traditional 3.5″ tile: dots, border, string – but then I get to spread out! It’s kind of like when my hubby is away and I get to sleep starfished over the entire bed. Delightful. (Both also involve a lack of snoring but that’s another tale!)

So my first one I felt was busier than I’d hoped:

(Mooka, Mi-2, Isochor, and Batumber). If I were to do that one again, I’d probably leave out the inner aura of the Mooka.

I like the second one quite a bit!
This one just uses Purk and Paradox.


It’s a lot of fun playing on a surface this big. I think I should have ordered more than 5!

Have you tried the Opus tiles yet? What do you like or find challenging about them?

Cheers, K2

P.S. Mi-2 is by CZT Mimi Lempart!


  1. 4-9-2015

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. 6-1-2016

    I just came over from TanglePatterns to see Batumber, and noticed the title of this post. In answer to your question, believe it or not “opera” is the plural of “opus”.

    • 6-2-2016

      Yay! I finally have an answer!! Thanks, Kay!!

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