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Ok, now I can inflict my Valentine’s swap ATCs on you!

The background was done by the watercolor & salt method of the ATC I last posted, then I added some washi origami paper, some handmade paper with gold flecks in it, and then tangled with a Pigma Micron 01 and added a touch or two of gold metallic gelly roll.

These were my first experiment with mixed media and I’d love your thoughts!



P.S. Valentangles workshops coming up soon! Details are on the Upcoming Events links! Come play with me and you’ll go home with a beautiful creation plus materials for another few!


  1. 1-22-2013

    Maybe it’s just me — a newbie compared to Your Most Wonderful Excellence — but I have trouble with color in ZIAs (assuming that is the correct way to describe these cards). You won’t find a bigger fan and practicer of mixed media, but I find that more than the merest dab of color (i.e. your Christmas cards) confuses me.

    Having said that, the balance you achieve in these is spot on (Ooo..she must be an art major, the IWOM). Dinna go adding beads or lace next time though…. The light touch is what works in mixed media. You can’t/shouldn’t mix for the sake of mixing or let one element overwhelm the others.

    Working on a ZIA of my own that I hope to publish on my blog shortly! Keep on inspiring us!


  2. 1-22-2013

    I think that, yes, these would be considered ZIAs – ATC ZIAs. Definitely *not* true Zentangle tiles. I appreciate the tips! And I have to admit, while lace was never an option, I did consider teeny tiny seed beads… 😉 Time ran out though and, so, no beads. Can’t wait to see your ZIA!


  3. 2-23-2013

    Non smetto mai di guardare vostre creazioni, in italia poche idee così belle! Traduco quello che scrivete con Google traduttore, non so l’inglese, ma il senso lo capisco.Sono interessata a lavorare con ZIA , ho fatto pochi “Zentangle” con meteriale comperato da Tina Festa (Matera -Italy).Siete bravissimi, presto anch’io vi manderò qualcosa.Grazie Giuliana Otelli-BRESCIA-ITALIA

    • 2-23-2013

      So glad you liked it, Guiliana! Do you post your work somewhere? I’d love to see some!

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