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Well, good evening, everyone!  So, I have this friend.  She’s a dear lady, sassy, funny… but she is EXPENSIVE!  More accurately, knowing her is expensive.  She is the best cool new product, great deal, neat thing finder ever.  (Yes, Sharon Payne, I’m looking at you!)  Mostly, I resist.  Mostly.

Sharon on FB:  Look at this cool thing and what a great deal!!
Me (and many others):  OMG, that is so wicked awesome.  I must have it!

Interior dialogue (much abbreviated):
I waaaant it!!!!
HA!  Check that wallet, sweetheart!!
Oh, but I won’t buy the next cool thing.
You said that last time.
But I was good last time so I should be able to get this!
Look, self, you either need to give up buying stuff or give up your latte habit.

Me:  Sigh.  Not this time, you expensive woman you!
Sharon:  Hey!  I can’t keep these great deals to myself – you’d accuse me of being sneaky!

Heh, she’s probably right and, oh, I do love the things she posts.  It’s a joy even when the desire for entirely too caloric coffee drinks trumps whatever neat art supply she’s found.  And, this time, I took the plunge.

So, I ordered the Fabriano Quadrato Artist’s Journal in the 6″x6″ size.  It looked like a fun size and had 4 different toned papers in it.  Plus it’s Fabriano, the same company that makes our Zentangle tiles (who, by the way, is celebrating their 750th anniversary next year – yes, seven hundred and freakin’ fifty!!).It came last week and I finally had some time to play with it.

Exterior:  It’s an attractive book with a nice ribbon bookmark.
Paper weight:  Thin.  The entry at Amazon didn’t specify the weight of the paper but I assumed it’d be a bit heavier.  It’s about 20lb text.
Colors:  There are 4 different shades:  White, eggshell, cream, and beige.
Texture:  It’s a ‘laid’ paper, which means it has slight texture, similar to many stationary textures.
Binding:  Perfect bound

Working in it:  It takes micron well without pilling when using the tortillion.  The ink doesn’t bleed through but the lightest 2 shades you can clearly see what was drawn on the other side, less so with the cream, and you can’t see it with the beige.  It also took Zenstone and Conte crayon well.  The colors are so pale that they don’t really work well if you want to both highlight and shade:  The highlighting is too close to the paper color, even on the darkest shade paper.

The binding makes it a little difficult to work in at this size as it doesn’t lay flat.  I suspect the 9×9 might be somewhat better in that regard.

Assessment:  Fun for play or to stuff in a bag when traveling (if you add a rubber band to keep it closed) but I expected more from Fabriano.

On a completely other topic:

Calendars!  I have both Carole Ohl’s Tangle-A-Day calendar for 2014 (phenomenal as always!) at $19.95 and my desktop calendar (great for gift giving) at $15 which will be in tomorrow!!  Email me if you’re interested (kelley (at) thepathuntangled (dot) com)!!

And on a third topic:
Local people, please come visit me at the St. Mary’s craft fair this Sunday (12/1 from 9-3)!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



  1. 11-27-2013

    It is my pleasure to find great, fun and sometimes expensive items to extend my playtime on Earth. I love the reactions you give me when I share these gems. One day when I win the lotto, I am going to visit you and we are going shopping…Thanks for your friendship, what a blessing.

  2. 11-27-2013

    Hey, I love how generous you are in sharing your inner conversations, and about Ms. Sharon. Someday when I have a blog, I hope to be as generous. Also, a great critique on the Artist’s Journal. Going to put it on my wish list.

  3. 11-27-2013

    Yes, I too ordered one because of the enablers, Sharon, as seen on Facebook, and Sandra Strait LOL! Mine hasn’t arrived yet so I am glad to have read your review so I won’t be as disappointed as I might have been. It is so hard not to NEED everything other CZT’s mention 🙂 Nice site, Kelley. Come visit my blog,, and say hello. (Jean, CZT 11)

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