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Hee hee!


IDenti-pen and canvas tennis shoes 🙂
And Scotchguard, which made the pen run a bit. I’m thinking about offering this as a project workshop in the spring… Any interest?




Cheers, K2


  1. 10-18-2014

    I would totally take that class! I bought a pair of plain white ‘trainers’ early this summer with the intention of tangling them but in the end just wound up making fabric shoelaces on some one and a half inch wide Tana Lawn scraps. I wasn’t sure the best pen to use, or if they should be symmetrical or not, or if I should seal them….

    If you figure that all out for me, I’ll be there with bells on! Even if it is only virtually….


  2. 10-23-2014

    Hi Kelley,
    I love these! I am staring at the pair that I bought waiting for the inspiration to come.

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