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Now that my 18 miniatures (3″x3″) are done and delivered,


I’ve been experimenting with some things that have been calling my name increasingly loudly: a black Zendala with color and, inspired by Meredith Yuhas’s amazing work, an organic ZIA on Strathmore’s (sort of) new toned gray paper.

Strathmore actually offers both a toned gray and a toned tan paper. I’m saving the toned tan for when I find my sepia micron. This is done with black micron, pencil, and white colored pencil. The same thing I love about it was what was most tricky: I know where to shade but where to highlight? Not so much. Still, I like it and want to play more. Good thing too: I bought a full pad of each color!

The black Zendalas are still new to the Zentangle world and I love them as much as I do the white ones. They beg for color (a ZIA Zendala!) and I used Derwent Metallic pencils on this. I looove the way it came out. To me, it has almost an early Celtic Christian feel. Perhaps not the originating religion of the mandala but appropriate in a way. I was definitely conscious of the feel early on and chose the colors based on an image of cross I’d seen showing the symbols of the Gospel writers, each to their own color in each quadrant.


Hope you like them!


P.S. Speaking of Zendalas, only two more slots open in the 7/28 Zendala workshop!


  1. 6-25-2013

    Both are absolutely awesome!!
    You have such artistic talent.
    Cant wait for the Zendala workshop next month.

  2. 6-26-2013

    beautiful, beautiful work, kelley!

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