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Hello, hello!

So, it’s been a crazy winter of challenges.  First, my mixer died, then my phone starting acting up, then my computer died (abruptly and with the complete and total loss of my Zentangle email list), then all my kids started puking, we breathed for a week, then they all starting puking again and my husband got it too, then none of 4 registered attendees came to the jewelry class and only one let me know.  Which brings us to now.  Here’s hoping the spring is a brighter, more cheerful place!

That last one – the jewelry class one – hit hard.  No matter how much I know it’s not a big deal to others to just blow something off and I probably shouldn’t take it personally, it’s so not my style and it hurts.  Unfortunately, it hurts financially too.  When I lay out the money for supplies and tools based on the number of people who have registered and no one comes… my wallet starts demanding I have a conversation with it.

Me:  Most people are basically good!  They probably just forgot!

Wallet:  Forgot or not, that bill for materials isn’t going to pay itself, missy.

Me:  *squirms uncomfortably*

Wallet: *glares sternly*

Me:  I hate asking people for money!

Wallet:  Funny, you don’t have a problem asking me for money!

Me:  You’re a wallet!  You’re supposed to have money!

Wallet:  *sighs*  We’ve been through this.  The only money I have is the money you put in there.  And you can’t put anything in there if you don’t ask people for money.

Me:  …

Wallet:  *raises eyebrow*

Me:  Oh, alright.  *grumps*

It’s a bossy thing, that wallet, and, frankly, I’m a little scared of it!  So here’s the new policy.  When you register for class, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the tuition and materials fee.  You can either pay that by PayPal or by dropping off cash or mailing a check – all at least 1 week before class is scheduled to start.  Your seat in the class isn’t reserved until payment is received.  (Big ‘ol meanie wallet.)

Ok, so what happens if you can’t then come to class?  Simple, if you let me know at least 24 hours ahead, you get your money back, less materials fees and $10 to cover admin costs, BUT, if I have a waiting list for the class and can fill your seat, you get the materials fee back as well.  If you simply don’t show up for class (please don’t do that, it makes me really depressed!), there is no refund BUT you can use the balance (less the $10 and material fees) toward another class within the following six months.

Me:  There, wallet, are you happy now?

Wallet:  It really is for the best, you know.

Me:  *sighs*

Darn economic reality.





  1. 3-20-2014

    Hi Kelley,

    I’m very concerned that you might have thought I was one of the people registered for your jewelry class. I’m pretty sure I emailed you that the Zentangle event at St Joseph’s was on the same day and you said you would probably reschedule the class.

    I’m looking forward to you Advanced series.


    • 3-20-2014

      Absolutely positively cross my heart, you are not one of the culprits, Judy!!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!

  2. 3-20-2014

    I did not sign up for the jewelry class either Kelley. I wanted to but could not.

    • 3-20-2014

      Maybe next time! I’ll probably hold another one either over the summer or in the fall.
      It wasn’t any of my loyal band that were the culprits, I promise! Hope things are well with you!

      • 3-20-2014

        Ok. I will wait to see your next schedule for advanced class and jewelry class. Been in therapy for my shoulder for past couple of months so have been laying low. Otherwise ok. Thanks Kelley.

  3. 3-20-2014

    I love your sense of humor Kelley! I had to change my policies also a while ago because of similar happenings. I’m not as generous as you. I need a few days notice so that I can cancel if I don’t have enough, so if they give that few days notice they can apply the cost to another class. If they don’t give me that notice they lose the money.Extenuating circumstances would be considered individually, but so far I haven’t had that.

    • 3-20-2014

      See? Your wallet is even meaner than mine!! 😉 I’m still at the “I’ll teach just one” stage at this point but I’m also tremendously lucky that I don’t have to worry about paying for a location as I’m teaching at my husband’s conference room table.

  4. 3-21-2014

    Kelly…it is being in financial exchange with the Universe that makes the fun go round. When people refuse to be in financial exchange with Universe, they are saying our knowledge is not worth paying for. When they want you to change your price or policy, they are telling you they are more important than you change things and arrange it to suit them. This is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. IT is not YOU..not ME…it is refusing to be in proper financial exchange with UNIVERSE, and then they do not get what they desired to learn, do not get the ‘healing’ they expected, do not get IT>>and blame you somehow. SO>>>do not blame your wallet. Hold your head high and insist that people bring proper financial respect to the table. It’s right practice..and it’s what i am insisting upon from now on. Smile, it’s an act of kindness.

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