You’ve learned the patterns, you’re comfortably familiar with creating strings and shading, and people are thinking maybe you’re a bit obsessed (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, btw!)  It’s time to stretch your wings a little more.  In the final 3-class series, we explore design elements, tangle enhancers, tangling in reverse (white on black), and tangling on toned paper (with both shading and highlighting).   It’s a wonderful way to further hone your tangling skills and take the final steps to full obsession…  Er, just kidding.  About the last part. 😉 Maybe.

Intro to Zentangle and Zentangle: Beyond the Basics are prerequisites for this series.

This semester, Advanced Zentangle will be held Saturday mornings, 10-11:30 a.m., 11/14, 11/28, and 12/5.

Only $50 plus $15 for supplies!
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