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So, my husband suggested I do a cable access show “A to Zentangle with Kelley”.

Frankly, I think he just wants me to do it because he thinks it’d be cool and, yes, it’d be cool but, really, is it an appropriate venue?  And, from a business perspective, how could it possibly make sense?  Not to quote every parent of a teenage daughter everywhere for all of time but “who’s going to buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?”

Even beyond that, could I appropriate represent Zentangle via the medium of television… I’m picturing Bob Ross here, folks, and my hair isn’t nearly big enough.  To be fair, I loved watching Bob Ross but I’m not sure that the zen part of Zentangle  would truly translate.

Would it inspire the housebound to get creative and motivate their minds?  Or would it simply divert students to “learn by television” instead of in person?  Despite the proliferation of YouTube videos, I doubt (with apologies to Mr. Ross) one can truly learn the intricacies of Zentangle without studying in person.  For myself, I know how little I really knew (despite my knowledge of patterns and enjoyment of my Zentangle practice)… how very little I really knew before I had my first in-person class.

Is it still worth doing?  Would it raise awareness of Zentangle as an artform?  Would it benefit people, do good in the world, or would it simply cheat them of the real experience of Zentangle?  And, that said, if the folks who watch cable access wouldn’t take classes anyway (assuming, as my husband does, that  they are mostly elderly and housebound), would a half-exposure to true Zentangle be better than no exposure?

Thoughts are welcome on this!

In other news, I’m teaching a 3 hour Intro to Zentangle class at Hobby Lobby in East Haven ($35, materials included) on June 22 (10-1)!  This will include a variety of basic tangles, history, and theory, but many of the tangles don’t appear in my regular intro classes.   Pre-registration is required so let me know if you’d like to come!

In terms of summer classes, I’ve decided not to run the 3-classes series over the summer.  I think that summer plans get in the way of weekly commitments.  I am planning, though, to run a day-long Zendala workshop at some point in July or early August and also a shorter tangle-a-shoulder bag workshop on a Saturday morning.  Let me know if you have any interest in either and I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, any thoughts on the cable access thing?

K2, who is leaving you with an assignment from the Tombow marker class she just completed!

Zentangle Inspired Art using Towbow markers with glue resist.

Zentangle Inspired Art using Towbow markers with glue resist.

P.S.  This uses Mooka, Striping, Tipple, Randomized ‘Nzeppel, Fescu, and Zinger


  1. 6-5-2013

    Cable access? Why not test the video waters with your own YouTube “intro to Zentangle” special? It’s cheaper to produce, and even if you never post it, it’ll let you know if you can express the ideas you wish to express via a camera… or if you even like talking to that little glass eyeball.

    It’s true that many people who are exposed to new things don’t pursue them. But they can still enjoy watching them, and it might inspire them to try. And, for all the years Bob Ross ran for free on PBS, there still seem to be a fair number of people teaching his method via art stores across the nation. Somebody was getting inspired enough to venture out of the house…


    • 6-7-2013

      Hi DL!

      Well, the reason to go via cable access would be that they have camera equipment and production experience already as well as not to cut off other CZTs who offer paid online Zentangle courses. That said, I’ve pretty well decided against it. I just don’t think it’s a medium that adequately represents Zentangle. How are things with you lately??

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